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About Us

CleanIsrael is a network of cleantech professionals dedicated to Israel’s cleantech sector. Membership is to the network is free and to date, the group has over 1,000 members. The network consists of entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, government and non-government professionals, and other key players from both Israel and abroad.

CleanIsrael activities include:

  • Regular, large networking events open to the greater CleanIsrael Network
  • Small, sub-sector focused events exclusively for C-level managers of Israel’s cleantech companies
  • An active website hosting original content, interviews, podcasts and startup profiles focused on Israeli cleantech


CleanIsrael was founded in early 2008 by Jonathan Shapira and Gene Dolgin in Tel Aviv, Israel. The first event was held at Cafe Max Brenner and hosted 50 entrepreneurs, investors and others involved in the industry. Since then, the group has continued with regular events around the Tel Aviv area, growing to 150 in attendance at each event, which consists of a presentation from a cleantech thoughtleader as well as ample time for networking.  In late 2008, Jonathan left Israel to return to Boston, where he founded the Boston-Israel Cleantech Alliance as part of the CleanIsrel Network, which has since grown to several hundred members and is central to Boston’s Israel-focused cleantech community and Gabby Czertok has joined the CleanIsrael leadership team.  In 2009, CleanIsrael added the NewYork-Israel Cleantech Alliance, founded by Itai Karelic. Both groups host regular events focused on Israel’s thriving cleantech sector.


CleanIsrael is currently managed by Gabby Czertok, Gene Dolgin and Ariella Grinberg. Yuval Susskind develops original content, specifically podcasts and interviews. The Boston-Israel Cleantech Alliance is managed by Jonathan Shapira and the NewYork-Israel Cleantech Alliance is managed by Itai Karelic.

Gabby CzertokGene Dolgin - Jonathan Shapira - Ariella Grinberg -  Yuval Susskind –  Itai Karelic

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