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Aora Solar – Hybrid Solar Thermal

[Author: | Date: 10 Mar 2010 ]

    Aora Solar

    Aora Solar has a unique, modular technology capable of generating electrical power a reality for billions across the globe living off the grid, in remote communities, requiring a reliable, clean power, around the clock.

    Yuval Susskind, COO and Co-Founder

    Company History

    Aora Solar was founded in 2002 as EDIG Solar, a member of the EDIG group of companies. The company has developed an advanced solar-hybrid power generation unit based on breakthrough intellectual property licensed from the Weizmann Institute of Science. The company built and operates Israel’s first and only grid-connected solar thermal power plant in the Arava Valley at Kibbutz Samar.


    Aora’s modular, small-scale solar thermal units, comprise of a field of 30 tracking mirrors (heliostats) focus the sun’s rays onto the top of

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    a tower, where a gas turbine converts the 1000C heat energy into electrical energy. Unlike larger solar thermal systems that require a liquid (usually super-heated water or oil, used to generate steam), Aora’s systems needs no liquids to operate. In addition to solar heat energy, the unit can operate on fuel and biofuel, ensuring operation even with solar irradiation. Each modular unit produces 100kW electric in addition to 170kW thermal power, enough to power about 70 US households.

    These hybrid power system operates either on solar energy or on conventional fuel, thereby offering remote communities, uninterrupted power- 24/7.

    Market & Strategy

    Aora is focused on providing modular energy units to emerging economies, particularly India and China, where explosive population and growth of the middle class are driving demand for power where Generation, Transmission and Distribution infrastructure do not exist.


    Although there are several major solar thermal companies, including

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    leading Israeli companies BrightSource Energy and Siemens CSP (formerly Solel), they are focused on multi-hundred megawatt installations, which are significantly more capital intensive and face massive regulatory and other hurdles. Aora also competes with

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    traditional solar PV and solar concentrated photovoltaic companies, but believes its modular and low-cost solar hybrid offering is unique solution in the spectrum of Rural Solar- solutions for off-grid communities.


    In early 2007, Aora closed it’s initial $5M Series A funding round. Until then, the company had been founded and supported by EDIG, the parent company in the group.

    Presently, Aora is in the process of seeking a $5M Series B round of financing.


    Yuval Susskind, COO and Co-Founder
    Mobile: +972-52-5321780
    Email: yuval.susskind@aora-solar.com

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      i think that out of Yavne, Israel, is almost complete with the world's first ever solar hybrid plant, which will combine concentrated solar .

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      Aora has launched its first hybrid solar thermal gas turbine power station at Kibbutz Samar in southern Israel. Aora's Samar Power Flower

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    • http://www.facebook.com/jay.dubinsky Jay Dubinsky

      Re: Joint Venture for Solar
      Thermal heat and power

      Dear Sirs,

      I am an American BioEngineer
      in Mallorca with my Architect wife- Aina, whom studied in

      We are in a joint venture with brand new 1600 C
      solar thermal technology with EarthPower and Virgil Perryman and the
      DOE in Germany, Europe and Thailand! We are building 18
      MW of solar thermal in Slovakia, and 140 MW of solar thermal in
      Thailand, developed with our companies and the DOE for molten steel
      thermal storage for 2- 3 days.
      We are collecting at 1630º C with
      Posco 22.6 meter dishes, and are building next in Mulhausen Germany
      for 1 MWp running 1 MW Rolls Royce turbine.

      We have tested
      with Rolls Royce, the British Atm Institute and Kawasaki.

      Green BioProducts with Applied
      Nanotech are makers of composite plastics/epoxy graphite/aluminum
      graphite and ceramic graphite for molten steel container parts and
      building materials,

      And, with NanoTex, in greenhouse systems



      Jay Dubinsky, Director Oil Zone
      Bio Fuels, Plc. Renewable Energy – http://www.energime.com